What Makes Your Netherlands Vacation Perfect

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3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Hotel in Mangga Dua, Jakarta

Mangga Dua is a place you can’ miss when you are visiting Jakarta. This area is the best shopping district in Jakarta and there are a lot of good hotels for you to stay, such as Santika Hotel Indonesia. Choosing a nice and comfortable hotel is a must when you are visiting Mangga Dua. Hours of shopping and Jakarta heat and traffic can make you really exhausted. You will need a good place to rest in the night and go back to business in the morning. To make sure you can conveniently do your activities here are some things you should consider when choosing a hotel in Mangga Dua.

Strategic Location and Easy Access to Transportation

Jakarta traffic can be very challenging. Therefore, it is best to choose a hotel that is not too far from the airport and close to various public attractions. Choose a hotel in the heart of Mangga Dua, such as Santika Hotel Indonesia, where you can easily access various public transportations like taxis and buses. There are many interesting destination you can visit in North Jakarta such as Dunia Fantasi and Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. It will be a shame if you can’t visit these places only because public transportation is hard to access from your hotel..

Short Distance to Shopping Malls

Mangga Dua is heaven for all shopaholics. So, if you come to this area for a shopping getaway, you’d better choose hotel with short distance to shopping malls. Or better yet, stay in hotel with direct access to a shopping mall. Mangga Dua Square is one of the biggest shopping malls in this area and Santika Hotel Indonesia is located inside the building. Imagine how fun it will be if you stay in this hotel and you have 24/7 direct access to the mall. It is certainly a dream for all shopping enthusiasts.

Excellent Facilities

Last but not least, when it comes to a hotel, facilities must always be your priority. Make sure the room is comfortable and the staffs are helpful. You must be able to sleep peacefully so you can regain your strength for your adventure in the next day. If you are staying for conducting a business meeting, choose hotel with good meeting package. In Mangga Dua, Santika Hotel Indonesia has one of the best services for banquet and business meeting. If your hotel possess all those 3 qualities, your business and vacation in Jakarta will be very convenient.

Captivating Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

Reynisfjara Beach looks so ethereal that it doesn’t appear to be of this planet. On the off chance that you need to visit Reynisfjara, then you should simply take a flight to glorious and secretive Iceland. When you arrive in the capital Reykjavik, travel 180 kilometers southeast and you will at long last achieve this brilliant dark sand and stone shoreline.

Lamentably, swimming at Reynisfjara amid most times of the year is not prudent because of the solid streams, overwhelming surf and great cool water temperature. Be that as it may, even without dunking into the sea, keeping focused shore of Reynisfjara gives you a staggering yet particular experience. Reynisfjara’s dark sand, its thundering surf and the North-Atlantic winds that fling through it, are not by any means the only reasons this sandy stretch is really a jewel of a destination. What makes explorers genuinely charmed with this shoreline is its common geographical developments, which are elusive anyplace on the planet.

The hexagonal basalt sections of Reynisfjall Mountain, which serves as scenery to the sea and the sand, will get your attention immediately. These sections structure what resembles a rough step pyramid that entices you to climb the distance to the top! Fashioned by Mother Nature, these sections make up a show-stopper that is generally seen in prestigious craftsmanship exhibitions. Nowadays, various picture takers and visitors advance toward Reynisfjara just to snap photos of this astounding common fascination.

The other exceptional components in Reynisfjara are the tremendous rocks remaining on the shoreline and confronting the dim hollows. The vicinity of these stones is unquestionably a characteristic wonder. However, Icelanders are enamored with their myths and legends, which incorporates stories about trolls transforming into stones when hit by daylight. It is trusted that three enormous rocks are the remaining parts of trolls who did not figure out how to escape by sunrise!

On the off chance that walk somewhat encourage from Reynisfjara’s fundamental shoreline region, you will experience a monstrous mainstay of dull magma called Dyrhólaey, which extends 120 meters into the ocean. The augmentation shapes a little promontory, which will permit you to wander further into the water and get extraordinary perspectives of the Reynisfjara Beach, the lovely Mýrdalsjökull icy mass and the whole South Icelandic coastline.

You can simply visit Reynisfjara Beach all alone, yet in the event that you need to take in more about the history and get more neighborhood experiences about the spot; you have the alternative to book a guided visit to the shoreline from the close-by town of Vik.

Otherwise called Vik I Myrdal, Vik is perceived as the southernmost town in Iceland. It is a residential area with a populace of under 300 individuals. Subsequent to investigating Reynisfjara, you can without much of a stretch do a reversal to the town by walking and unwind in one of the roadside bistros. A restricted measure of convenience is additionally accessible here. Beside driving a private vehicle from Reykjavik for two hours to reach Vik; you might likewise take transports 11 and 51 from the capital. The excursion can take around 3.5 hours.

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Ultimate Romantic Experience in Brussels

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